Welcome to the Online Campaign Office for Jeremy Odom for Louisiana.

Here in Louisiana, we're looking for change in the direction this state's going - and we need leaders who will listen to us, put Louisiana first, and bring people together to get things done.  Everyone should have a voice in their government and live in a state they are proud to call home.

Too many people feel their voices are not heard and are concerned about their communities - people are losing their jobs, don't feel safe in their neighborhoods, and worry about the quality of their children's education.  But the politicians in Baton Rouge listen to the lobbyists - and they don't represent our values.  They just bicker and don't get anything done.

We can build a better Louisiana - where everyone's voice is heard and where people work together to strengthen their communities.  Jeremy Odom will bring opportunity to Louisiana.

At age 18, Jeremy Odom enlisted in the U.S. Army to serve his country during a time of war.  Serving in the military, he learned that we're all in this together - and you have to bring people together to get things done.

In Baton Rouge, Jeremy Odom will bring people together to get things done: Bringing more opportunity for our communities, health care for our families, and better education for our children.

Jeremy practices what he calls "collaborative politics" - bringing people together to make their voices heard and their communities better.  His campaign is bringing together people from all walks of life across the state - people who believe that, working together, we can build a better Louisiana for everyone.  People who support Jeremy Odom are people like us - who represent hard work, family and community.

Join our campaign - you'll meet great people and make a real contribution.  Let's build a better Louisiana by sending someone who will represent a real change in direction.

Jeremy's Service Record:

The People's Candidate: Our Next Governor




Jeremy Odom knows that to put our state on the road to growth and progress, we need more jobs, better health care and a better education system.  We need Jeremy Odom in the Governor's Offices.


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